Update & It’s time again for MTW plan …

Solar FountainAnother beautiful half-week.. I already forgot weekdays. But the weekend is still fresh in my mind. I mowed our entire big yard – front, back & sides. Hubby was working on building a kitchen helper stool for Dhyan. We also started gardening finally  – pulled all the weeds out from the bed, stirred up the soil and added organic compost & peat moss. BTW we saw a couple earthworms when we stirred up the soil 🙂 Then we drenched the bed with water. We planted organic tomato and cucumber seeds. Actually I planted tomato seeds in a small container indoors and they are supposed to be transplanted in a few weeks. I tried to follow the instructions to the letter and am planning to take very good care of them. We didn’t add mulch on top though. We setup our bird bath too – very productive & beautiful weekend. Dhyan could not keep his hands off the solar fountain. We did not buy an expensive birdbath (this was just enough for us) and we had to fill the insides to make it heavy & stable. Dhyan helped me collect rocks from around the yard & he used his spade and dropped them into my bag, so professionally – I was amazed. Okay birds we did our part, please visit us – Eat , Drink & play in our yard – all free 😉 Birds are not coming to our bird feeder yet. When we were in Boston, it took a while too but then they kept coming 🙂  I am hoping the plants will also thrive. I am keeping my fingers crossed.Will keep you posted.  We also cooked some good food – https://youareenteringmymind.wordpress.com/2017/04/23/vegan-fiesta-tacos/. We couldn’t go outside anywhere – because we were so occupied 😉 I was tired too and was pushing myself to get through the day.

Since we did a lot of manual labor, we slept like babies. Do you remember when you had the most peaceful, restful sleep? I do . After I delivered Dhyan 🙂  I had transcended to a state of euphoria 🙂 Not to mention the short naps between contractions were incredibly relaxing. Needless to say, Oct 11, 2014 is the best day of my humble life- when Dhyan came into being 🙂

New plan –


.Day 1 2 3 4 nap 5 6 7 Activity;


Monday Ripe fruits pancake + coconut nectar + gummy  Smoothie  + camu camu powder Bread CB banana nectar nap lemon rice, beet poriyal avocado chapatti, red capsicum masala  Yardwork – clean around veg bed, brush pool, water garden (2), add bird bath water; number cups
Tuesday Ripe fruits Bread CB banana nectar popsicle  corn on the cob nap  sprouted green gram sundal cucumber + podi  upma, chutney  yardwork – try to trim dead branches off plants start from one end – put them in a bag , going to ask him to count & put 1 to 5 same blocks in bin, Carnatic music
Wednesday Ripe fruits pancake + coconut nectar + gummy  cucumber + podi – baby carrots nap corn on the cob  Bread dipped in dosa batter  chapati, veg kurma jump 4 fun go at 10 stay till 1. go to Costco, symbols


Few changes/enhancements to half week plan since I really want to focus on my mood & being present for my boy –

Note and Pen

  • Dhyan has a lot of energy these days. And he is resisting sleep bigtime. So I am planning to do a vigorous activity everyday. I will check the weather and decide whether indoors/outdoors activity. It is very helpful to have a big yard & vegetable garden like ours – Best way to tire out a hyper-energetic toddler.
  • Until the end of the day, I am planning to stay off my mobile or surface or mac as much as possible – I want to be fully present for Dhyan. I am going to keep a cute note & pink pen (see pic) in my diaper bag and jot down all that I want to do online. After he sleeps for the day, I plan to blog, but planning to wait till the next morning to publish – I may clearly make a lot of errors blogging at night sleepily & my mind keeps suggesting edits after I finish writing something, so its definitely better to sleep on it – I want to review & publish first thing in the morning & follow through my list in the note – even watch a movie 🙂 but better to get my beauty sleep. I plan to fall asleep no later than 11 PM. Hope you all will understand if I don’t respond to you right away.
  • The above step is going to be real hard to do. One of my dream vacations will be to travel wild where I have to unplug completely – I digress. I am going to start reading books as a substitute – paper books – Something I really want to do too. Hubby bought Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Three mistakes of my life’ when we travelled to India. I am going to read it first, since it is right here in our bookshelf. This is first time I will be reading a Chetan Bhagat – may be I will write a book review later. When it comes to books, fiction is what I prefer. But I am going to be open – I am going to explore  – find new favorites. I am also going to keep at least 1 book for Dhyan too in my bag – just in case.
  • So mornings we do vigorous activity then do our nap , then afternoons we do homeschooling :). Afternoons will be quiet. I may still take him to neighborhood park. But we will do just low level/no activity – just watch others ;p. I may just sit & read the book .
  • I also want to keep eating all day 😉 Good food as raw vegan as possible –  since I don’t want to get cranky … So I always will have the next snack(s) ready for me on the countertop or diaper bag when outside. Doesn’t matter if I am still eating or feeling full, I will keep the next one ready – washed & prepped – all that needs to be done will be to pick it up and put it in mouth & nom nom nom .
  • I think all this will help give me the patience I need to positive discipline Dhyan and treat him kindly. But still I am planning to watch my emotions, tboughts & how I manage the day and play a devil’s advocate against myself tomorrow – I am in serious trouble. I will kind of do a first journal entry about my food, mood, how I react, what I learnt, what I need to figure out if I feel like tomorrow.



MOM DO – fold clothes, Costco list & buy, send gifts, add new printer cartridges.


P.S. Dhyan loves Ispy books.


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