Vegan Fiesta tacos :)


Fiesta tacos

I went to Central market last week with Dhyan & Jicama tortillas caught my eye. Curious, I checked the ingredients list – only one ingredient – 100% Jicama 🙂 I always don’t buy tortillas after checking ingredients because the long list of ingredients stops me from putting it in my cart – It is too processed! But this one, its just right for me! But I wasn’t confident my family would like it – but I was determined to try. (Spoiler alert – I am glad I did – Everyone enjoyed it 🙂 )


Here’s the recipe –

I pan fried till crisp – Amy’s black bean veggie burger and then I cut into small squares

I chopped up some onions, tomatoes, cucumber, jalapenos, cilantro, avocado, carrots.

Then I laid the tortilla on the plate (It holds well – but be gentle), put generously Simply balanced organic black bean chipotle salsa on top (yes – now you know – I love black beans) and placed randomly all chopped veggies & burger pieces. Then I squeezed lime on top and added some fresh ground pepper! That’s it 🙂

As soon as I served it, my husband looked like a cat on the wall. But after a bite, he said ‘Interesting’ & nodded his head, savoring the bite 🙂 If you know my husband, and if he says that magic word, that means you have got his attention 😀 Then he continued gobbling it up and ate a couple more. Even Dhyan enjoyed it sans jalapenos.

It was a surprise even for me – the explosion of flavors. This is a sure repeat recipe.

My husband suggested that I need to chop the veggies even thinner.  I will do that next time or I will ask him do it :p.

I will also try adding fresh rosemary from our garden, may be even some lime zest for more intense flavors next time.



P.S. I used leftover salsa on bread and frozen burger patties – it was awesome!



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