Peanut noodles

Peanut noodles

I had some spaghetti left over. I thought of making something for Dhyan but what I made we all ended up eating as dinner. It was surprisingly good, simple, healthy yet delicious n creamy. I think this could be enjoyed as a cold salad too with the addition of crunchy veggies like napa cabbage, romaine lettuce, cucumber & fresh basil.

I cooked the spaghetti (100% whole grain) – I cooked a minute longer than al dente, that’s how I liked it. I kept biting into the spaghetti to see that if the texture I like was reached. I drizzled some evoo after draining it  and shaked it to get the oil all over.

I blended liquid aminos, peanut butter, ginger, jaggery, garlic, little Acv into a smooth, thin sauce. The smell was unbelievable. Start with little peanut butter and add more if you want. I used my hands to drench the spaghetti with the peanut-ginger sauce. I heated it up in the lowest setting and mixed in salted peanuts. Don’t heat it up longer or just skip it. It becomes grainier. I like it saucier. I will make more sauce next time. After saving some for Dhyan, I added red chilli flakes for me & hubby generously. Eat right away !

Dinner was done in a snap 🙂


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