MTW update

I am going to keep it short & sweet – I managed to do everything as planned. The new plan is working really well for me. You can check out these links to see the detailed plan – ,

On Tuesday, we had a playdate with Sammie. Dhyan worked seriously with the mud 🙂 It was nice chatting with Alina. She is a good listener . I open up to her. We learn from each other. I learnt that they do yoga story time at Keller library – Whaaaat? – gonna check it out next week. Dhyan does a lot of yoga at home – he already does a couple poses- lets see if he likes this.

Dhyan at the sandbox

Wednesday was so busy but awesome. We went to the trampoline park. I cant tell you how beautiful it was to watch Dhyan just jump away! Last time if I remember it right, he couldn’t jump yet 🙂 My cool friend Emily & her adorable son Phoenix were there. Emily is a such a calm, friendly human being. You wont believe that she has 2 sons and 2 dogs. If I were her, I would be so stressed I guess. I have a lot to learn from her. Previously she was a teacher – how fitting. Being with her, relaxes me a lot. To add to this merriment, another friend of mine – Jomarie & her beautiful son Roro happened to be there coincidentally and lot of mom talk happened. Jomarie is a lot of fun too. We mommies jumped, swang or acted like crazy in the warrior zone while our kids were watching. We didn’t leave until the manager pushed us out 😀  I felt refreshed. I need this again & again in my life. Soon after I came home, I texted Emily saying we should meet again – same day, same place 🙂 Jomarie & Emily both appreciated Dhyan’s food habits. When they started talking about toddler constipation, Emily winked at me saying that might be something I might never have heard of 🙂 That’s so true actually ! We shared baby carrots with them. I was happy to inspire them. Emily also suggested that I try roasting fennel bulb. That is something I have never used. I already bought it at the central market today plus a lot of other new stuff  – so excited to try & see Dhyan’s judgements.

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Then Dhyan got a haircut 🙂 He was not so happy being covered in black cape. When I explained that it was necessary he patiently waited . How blessed am I ? God, you gave me a great son, give me great patience too please. Then we ate there and went to Costco and came home. It was a beautiful day! Because I have it all planned, it all worked out perfectly 🙂 BTW I don’t like the being covered in cape when I get a haircut either.

Everyone always say that Dhyan acts so maturely.  During Tuesday playdate, when a toy was snatched from Dhyan’s hands, he was disturbed but still was calm.  At the trampoline park, when I pushed him down by mistake , he hid his tears and said that he wanted to leave 🙂 He acted so grown up! In Costco, when he put his finger in his mouth, I signaled him to remove it from a distance and he understood and slowly did it. He kept asking for cashews today while I was cleaning the kitchen – I did give him twice and the third time, I imitated him in a singy-songy way – he got really angry and clenched his fist & extended his other palm towards my face and roared in a guttural voice ‘Stop it’ . I apologized ! He normally waits for my consent asking ‘pothama’ , ‘chesthama’, ‘thintama’ 🙂 If I don’t agree he wouldn’t easily let go but still it’s beautiful to see him ask me. If I agree , you should see how happy he is 🙂 I love him with all my heart ❤


P.S. If you would like to see Dhyan jumping click here –




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