Sunday update & Monday planning

MealHe ate all that I planned and more. He loved idlis & sambar . He napped too 🙂 We did not run & play but we went outdoors, check out –


  • Try to clean master bath & turn on washer DONE – Next have to fold them HAHA
  • play hide & seek & color-shape  game with hubby & Dhyan MUST!!!!! NO

These days Dhyan does not want to sleep or go home 🙂 When he saw that we are going to take the turn towards home, he started fighting, after sometime he stopped and smiled. Only then I realized that hubby just kept driving 🙂 We saw more fountains! Dhyan was ecstatic! Still he did not want to go home. Somehow, I got him out of the car, fed him, changed him to pajamas, played some relaxing music, read books and then he slept 🙂

*So today – Food plan is already done:) I am going to continue to plan in groups – MTW and T-F-SA-SU in groups. Because after Sunday, I may have left overs and I have to include that in the MTW group planning.  I think it is working for us beautifully. Saving my time too.

*Gotta try nap. Gonna build a routine chart with him. Will update you.

*Get outdoors – go to Central market – shop & play in the park?

*Run & play – grab Cheetah tail

*Teach – Count from 1 to 20 – all our toes collectively!

*MOM DO – Sort out mails, fold clothes, mop kitchen floor – need not finish all. Try to do what you can.

See ya ! I am excited 🙂


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