Southlake, TX – Malai Kitchen

What do I look for in a restaurant –

  • Vegan or Veganizable food options and waiters being aware of the ingredients in the meal or smilingly willing to find out more. I have had my (enough) share of bad experiences when I check if the food is vegan .
  • Food choices to fit all our taste buds – Hubby , me & Dhyan
  • Smiling, friendly waiters
  • Ambience

Malai Kitchen (tick , tick, tick & tick) got it all. They patiently answered all my questions and were willing to find out more. Our waiter told me that ‘It’s 110% vegan!’ when I asked about a menu item . What more does a vegan want? 😉 He also mentioned it anything with an added ‘V’ can be veganized upon request.

All of us shared and ate vegan food – Shishito peppers, hot & sour soup, papaya salad, sugarcane juice. Actually Dhyan wouldn’t share Sugarcane juice. He drank it all sipping from the straw and enjoying excitedly the whole time. Next time I will order without the ice. Dhyan also enjoyed tofu & pineapple from soup. I should remember to ask them make it as less spicy as possible for Dhyan. I love Japanese hotpot. The soup reminded me of that. I slurped it. I was happy I went with the large size. They offered to add us tofu in our papaya salad:) Shishito peppers were decadent. The sauce it came with was delicious. My husband asked them to make papaya salad spicier but it was too spicy for us. So I asked them if they could add more salt or do something to fix it but not remake it . But they remade it for us!

Dhyan had good fun. He was given a booster seat instead of a high chair. He loved it . He played with the crayons. He loved the sugarcane juice – which is 100% juice and nothing else!


If you visit there, sit in the patio unless it is a scorching day 🙂 You have a good view of the fountains.  Dhyan goes crazy for the fountains.

Overall its a top notch service. We will surely visit again. After having a good meal, we sat near the beautiful fountains for a while… Dhyan just did not want to leave. This place is just perfect for us. I cant wait to try all the vegan food there. It’s hard because that soup is all I neeed 🙂


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