Romaine Lettuce Sambar

This is my brain child. Not sure if anybody already thought about this. If you are like me who eats romaine lettuce raw, you will know that it’s pretty much a celery sibling – crunchier, refreshing except for the tough end which has a sharp taste. I made sure to remove the tough bottom end when making the sambar. We ate this with idli. It was divine. All of us loved it.

I used a small bunch of romaine lettuce – chopped it up fine. I also chopped up quarter of a red onion, 1 medium tomato. In a small pressure cooker, I washed and added 2 handfuls of toor dal, all chopped up veggies, turmeric, oil (I always add little oil & turmeric  when pressure cooking toor dal – more like a habit), sambar powder, salt, jaggery for about 6 whistles (I always cook longer to help the dal get softer). Then I opened the pressure cooker and saved some for Dhyan – since he doesn’t like it spicy. And I added tamarind juice, chilli powder, sambar powder, jaggery , salt to make it more tastier & boiled for a couple minutes . Then I seasoned it with oil, hing, mustard seeds, curry leaves. Enjoy!!!

P.S. Make sure to use less toor dal in comparison to romaine. More toor dal may undermine romaine. And make it watery.


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