I will not say I make the best idlies. But Dhyan loves them – that’s all the appreciation I need. BTW, Dhyan made that dent in the picture 😀 He couldn’t keep his hands off 🙂

Soak overnight separately – 1/2 tsp of methi seeds, 1/2 cup of split urad dal, 2 cups of idly rice, 1/2 cup of quinoa (white, of course) &  a handful of sona massori rice or plain white poha. It’s better if the quinoa sprouts.

I don’t use the same water that I soaked them in while grinding, if I have patience :D. I first grind methi seeds which takes only a few seconds then I add urad dal and enough water. And I keep the grinder running till the dough becomes fluffy , airy, smooth. Then I remove it and I add all of the rest together and I let it run till they become one  – it will not be very smooth but that’s okay as long as there are no big pieces. I used to make the mistake not adding enough water while grinding – It’s important that your batter is not really thick. I don’t use my hands. I just mix it with a big spoon or ladle and I don’t add salt before fermenting. I also don’t let it ferment longer than needed. I keep in the fridge.

I oil spray my idli plates and scoop a small amount of batter into every holes. Don’t mix the batter just scoop from the top gently.  I don’t want to make big idlies or cook longer. When the pressure cooker starts releasing steam, I wait for 12 – 15 minutes before turning the cooker off. The sooner the better. It was slightly undercooked when I cooked only for 12 minutes last time but its a tradeoff I guess between undercooked or hard idlies!

Idlies taste great hot or cold, perfect for travel. When hot they go great with sambar like –

When cold they go with chutney or thokku like –


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