Plan a couple of days together..


I am going to try to plan at least a couple days together to see how it goes. It will save me a lot of time.

Day 1 2 3 4 nap 5 6 7 outdoors , run & play
Sunday Ripe fruits Idli, Romaine lettuce dal Wheat berries finish goji café buffet nap bananas chapatti, Costco channa dates & cashews outdoors , run & play
Monday Ripe fruits muffin smoothie with spirulina, left over chia ground romaine – finish nap corn on the cob – cut into half or quarter and apply coconut oil & curry powder on top Bread PB banana nectar Lemon rice, carrot side dish finish outdoors , run & play
Tuesday Ripe fruits cereal avocado zucchinis finish nap lemon rice matta rice pudding masal dosa, coconut chutney, make more outdoors , run & play
Wednesday Ripe fruits tonic + pancake  cucumber + podi – make little less spicy & salty baby carrots nap corn on the cob poli balls Veg idli , coconut chutney , left over sambar 3 outdoors , run & play


  • Try to clean master bath & turn on washer
  • play hide & seek & color-shape  game with hubby & Dhyan MUST!!!!!


  1. Frozen mixed veggies organic – COSTCO
  2. Frozen organic peaches with no additives – I wanna make green smoothie – Banana, Kale & peaches – not available in sprouts. Go to central market. Return  & Get new books from library.
  3. During Costco visit, I plan to go to take Dhyan for a haircut & also take him to Urban air trampoline park for a playdate with Phoenix & Emily.


I found an egg

Okay Update

  • Tonic + Pancake + banana DONE
  • Oranges (Finish) and cucumber DONE
  • Easter vegan potluck – going to take some lara bars, bananas for Dhyan in case he doesn’t like the food or for emergencies – It’s from 10 to 1. I am so looking forward to this ! I am going to try to veganize this recipe and take it for the potluck – Wish me luck! DONE – Dhyan liked what I made.  It was way better than muffin :p They had great food there – cake, cookie, potpie all veganized! I kept eating 🙂 It was a beautiful park! Dhyan ate a chocolate egg & part of a twizzler & gave the rest to me. He didn’t ask for more. When we go to playdates or something like this or birthday parties, I am fine if we indulges a little. I make sure they are vegan. I don’t want to control him too much either. He knows that such foods are once in a while. And I never buy them myself. When ppl give my son more than one, I tell them that I don’t give him processed food and I limit them when I am at parties or such – so please no more. I remember to say that. He is my son. They are usually fine. Dhyan also understands – really well actually 🙂 I wish I brought him up as a raw  vegan child. I didn’t know then what I know now. But I am doing what I can. And I have no intention into turning 100% raw vegan either.
  • Wheat berries – add lemon juice DONE
  • poli stuffing DONE
  • Chapati – thokku DONE but Dhyan slept before.


  • play hide & seek & color-shape  game with hubby & Dhyan – NOT DONE 😦
  • NAPTIME – I tried close to 2 . He just rolled around and wont nap- so I let him go . But we had at least 45 minutes of Quiet time.  I think that’s good – nap time or quiet time on bed for at least 30 minutes using the tower fan timer. He went to sleep at 7. He wont nap or sleep easily. Still have to learn how to positively discipline him to nap or sleep..

To do

  • Finish grinding idli & poli stuffing DONE
  • Note down strictly when you have problems treating Dhyan well. I am just not doing it! hmm

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