Muffin disaster

First the update


  • Tonic, Pear , Pancake , coconut nectar & gummy DONE
  • carrot juice Dhyan loved it – see pic for reaction. Buying washed,peeled baby carrots will help a lot.
  • Smoothie – yogurt (finish), bananas, cherries, camu camu powder DONE
  • carrot muffin DONE – Dhyan ate it. I turned the kitchen into a mess & was very unhappy with the output. Will not be venturing out recipe wise for a while esp. baking! Hubby helped clean up the mess albeit muttering under his breath 🙂
  • yellow squash & cucumber & mandarin oranges DONE
  • sprouted wheat berries s&p, lemon DONE They did not sprout! I think something was wrong with brand I purchased. Anyways Dhyan enjoyed it just plain – I did not even cook them
  • Chapathi tomato thokku – did not happen We ate dinner outside – Dhyan only ate crackers & chips – Though the crackers were unhealthy, I was fine that they were atleast vegan . I am unsure about the pita chips- gonna find out.
  • Others – go raw, dates


  • Use juicer DONE
  • Soccer @ 10 DONE
  • NAPTIME IMPORTANT DONE He went down at 2:30 but he threw a big fight – pushed the tower fan down. He napped close to 3 hours. Since he does not sleep for longer than 12 hours – I am fine if he naps for 3 hours.
  • Say-Run-touch color or shape game play – did not happen

MOM MUST Do – Behind on all that . I need to take it easy … I was too tired and slept with my son.

Dhyan fights both nap & sleep even though he is sleepy. I am still going to continue naptime but am not going to force it. I am going to try to calm him down 20 – 30 minutes before. Sit him down on my lap and read books expressively! I think this is the best time of the day to read books. I have to make sure to visit library to pick new books once or twice a week or circulate books at home so he is not bored. And then I am going to lie down , dim the lights and teach him basic math using fingers or number cups. Actually I am waiting for him to say ‘Sleep chesthama?’ and then I will put him to bed. Only that will work with my son . If he wants to do it he will do it . If I tell him to do sth esp. when he is sleepy it will turn to a huge power struggle & he will start wailing & hard to control him ! Lets see how this works out… May be I will do the same routine at night too… I am fine if I have to nap with him.

BTW Few pointers on how to get Dhyan to listen –

  • I have to eat well 😀 Yes. I need to be really patient so if I am hungry, I don’t want to say what will happen but will be safe to assume that I will be unhappy later. I am trying my best to stay full. I keep buying a lot of food and stock up my kitchen. I also have to sleep well. Best thing to do is sleep & nap with Dhyan – so I can have an undisturbed sleep
  • I have to be kind, patient & try to make him do things my way without saying him so HAHA
  • Dhyan has to be happy, fed well, not sleepy or distracted. I need to prep him a little. I never surprise him say, if anyone is coming to our home or if we are going somewhere, as soon as I know – he will know. There is a little problem here – if things don’t happen the way anticipated. But I am fine with it. I think they will learn that some things they can control and some they cannot, esp. when others are involved. I try to explain the situation and let him deal with it. As he grows up, I want to be increasingly honest and maintain a good rapport with him. I cant lose a good friend 🙂 I also have to let him do things that he can do (you sure will be surprised) and wait patiently.
  • And I have to be happy and at peace too! I really focus on this. If I have problems with hubby even trivial ones, I let him know. Whatever bothers me or anything that goes in my mind, I let him know. I am sensitive –  I go through a recovery period if I am hurt. But I am realizing that I have to learn to get over faster & focus on my fam since I am happy with Dhyan and hubby.


Okay Today’s plan

  • Tonic + Pancake + banana
  • Oranges (Finish) and cucumber
  • Easter vegan potluck – going to take some lara bars, bananas for Dhyan in case he doesn’t like the food or for emergencies – It’s from 10 to 1. I am so looking forward to this ! I am going to try to veganize this recipe and take it for the potluck – Wish me luck!
  • Wheat berries – add lemon juice
  • poli stuffing
  • Chapati – thokku


  • play hide & seek & color-shape  game with hubby & Dhyan

To do

  • Finish grinding idli & poli stuffing
  • Note down strictly when you have problems treating Dhyan well.


Have a good day! Thanks for stopping by.



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