A beautiful day ruined by a tiny slip-up!

I don’t know about you but I always look forward to this moment. I cant start my tomorrow without planning it today.  A minor inadvertent mistake on my part ruined our afternoon today which made me realize that I need to make my plan a bit more comprehensive. He woke up at 6 and we ate, played,  went outside and had a blast – ate,played again – I should have remembered to put him down for a nap since he got up so early & around 4 he got so cranky . And I thought it’s better to still try to make him nap albeit late. He snoozed at 4:30 and I thought he would wake up in an half hour or so . But he only got up past 6 and he was still cranky – it was meltdown after meltdown 😦 I didn’t know what to do – I even gave a timeout in the crib because it was very hard to handle him. After sometime his dad was home, we all ate dinner & played , situation got a little better and now he is back in bed again. Lesson learned! He does not nap every day. It depends on when he wakes up and how much I tire him out but I usually know if he needs a nap – all I need is a gentle remainder! I need to make him nap between 12 to 2, not later than 3 and I will wake him up if he sleeps longer than 3 hours. I believe nap is good  and I am going to try naptime every single day – If he does not nap that’s okay!

Tomorrow’s plan


  • Tonic, Pear , Pancake , coconut nectar & gummy
  • carrot juice
  • Smoothie – yogurt (finish), bananas, cherries, camu camu powder
  • carrot muffin
  • yellow squash & cucumber & mandarin oranges
  • sprouted wheat berries s&p, lemon
  • Chapathi tomato thokku


  • Use juicer
  • Soccer @ 10
  • Say-Run-touch color or shape game play


  • Do all you need to do for the vegan potluck/Easter fun on Saturday
  • Make idli batter, lots of poli stuffing
  • Be kind to Dhyan – If you get angry note it down! It needs to be figured out…

Today’s update

Today’s plan –

  • Tonic + Ripe fruits esp oranges they seem to be really ripe DONE
  • oatmeal + raisins DONE
  • avocado DONE
  • romaine try DONE. Neither Dhyan liked it nor did I force it
  • sathumaavu DONE
  • Bread + Banana + peanut butter + coconut nectar DONE
  • oats kichadi DONE This was good! All of us liked it. Hubby enjoyed it with raita.
  • He also ate cashews, lara bar, hemp milk ,hemp seeds

Today’s activities –

  • Smith park again DONE – We stayed a long time.. There was a Easter egg hunt going on .  We were there from start to finish. Dhyan wanted to play with the eggs. I told him that this was not our egg hunt and he listened although unhappy and just stood & watched all that was going on! He is one self-disciplined guy 😉
  • Teach him body parts DONE





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