Lets start focusing on minor power struggles …

I was too tired last night to blog or do anything else. Here I am blogging first thing in the morning. Now that we have conquered some big stuff, I want to change gears and  focus on some minor power struggles for a while, bit by bit. How about how to deal with when he throws food – he is angry/upset about something for doing that . Some of the times when it happens he is extremely tired or sleepy – I get a little angry – I try to let him know that its wrong – sometimes I stay silent – sometimes I say that I will not talk to him – I want to find the right Positive discipline solution …so here we come Google …


Today’s plan –

  • Tonic + Ripe fruits esp oranges they seem to be really ripe
  • oatmeal + raisins
  • avocado
  • romaine try
  • sathumaavu
  • Bread + Banana + peanut butter + coconut nectar
  • oats kichadi

Today’s activities –

  • Smith park again
  • Teach him body parts

Yesterday’s update –

  • Tonic – Honest powder + acv drop + hemp milk  DONE
  • Any ripe fruits on the countertop DONE
  • Big vegan cookies from central market 1/2 of one (This is healthy – but Dhyan does not like it anymore – only 2 left) DONE – I will continue this – Alyssa’s healthy vegan bites from central market – great for breakfast
  • finish all carrots DONE
  • Sathumaavu finish DONE but still left – Dhyan likes this
  • corn on the cob DONE – Dhyan enjoys this too just plain
  • Ice cream sandwich DONE. Both of us loved the filling – easy but delicious – frozen banana, little hemp milk, vanilla extract how much ever you want – just pulse a few times – Make a little at a time 
  • Oats Kichadi – I was too tired – went to bed and woke up with Dhyan…
  • Dhyan also munched on go raw, cashews, lara bar, coconut water

Tomorrow’s activities –

  • Number cups DONE
  • symbols DONE
  • smith park play well – explore around We had loads of fun. We did pull up bars, running, explored, it was awesome

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