How I made it work with my toddler/little man …

I know its too soon. But I feel it – We have come a long way – Dhyan is eating well, sleeping well. We are happy 🙂 All that needs to be done is to keep doing the same 🙂 So what did I do to fix our days – 4 things!

  • Plan food well – at least 7 meals/snacks (actually it really is like 10) – Have a lot of healthy snacks at hand – Offer different variety – different menu each day and don’t force it. If he suggests that he would like a different food, give it or let him know that you will make it later – but don’t come out as commanding – Make him enjoy the meal. Eat with him – Put all distractions away and have a good chat with him ! If he says he doesn’t want it , say ‘It’s okay’ and continue eating it yourself or continue trying to make him eat it. Make him eat at one spot. I am fine with feeding and reading a book to him alongside but I do it on the dining table. Buy a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, eat it in front of him without asking him, he will want to try it. Fruits & veggies come in very handy when they get hungry, instead of some junk alternatives. Food is the main thing for a happy toddler 🙂
  • Play – get dirty , run , get sweaty , play well with him, take him outdoors. This is according to me second important , its a cycle – Happily eating toddler plays happily and eats well and sleeps well ! Sometimes, I just sit with him- he will tell me what/how to play. Try to talk about anything that grabs his attention . Try to teach him something every day. Read books.
  • Stay away from things that bother you & do all that you love to do- This is to mom! You always need to keep your cool! You need to focus a lot on your happiness and your tot’s to do all these. you need a lot of patience. But if you keep mingling with ppl who keep torturing/putting you off  – it will be very hard to do all that. You cant change them – so stay away – ignore – ‘Being happy is my birthright. And this is my life. And if I avoid you that means you are a stumbling block to my happiness.’ BTW, the best way to deal with your anger besides being silent & walking away is to show it directly to the person who caused it not to anyone else. Talk to him not behind him. Express as professionally as possible, stating what bothered you – the exact FACTS and don’t expect any changes. Tell them that it was not respectful and walk away! And forget it and get on with your beautiful life – don’t let them ruin your days. Think about what you are grateful for – forget about who you cannot change/control!
  • Be kind to your little ones please. It says it all. If you are angry, be silent, go to another room , get outside, meet friends, do whatever. Don’t make them miserable or make them pay for your regrets or resentment or temper ! They need you … Be warm Be kind Be cool  Be loving Be open. They will show you magic & teach you what life is really about 🙂 You are getting a second chance at everything – grow up with your kid – play & laugh like a toddler – learn & be curious like a preschooler – discover your passions & live the life you want to live – Show them Life is beautiful – Let them fly 🙂


Okay so today’s update –

Tomorrow’s fun

  • Any ripe fruits on countertop Plum Mango DONE
  • Pancake honey finish DONE
  • Avocado DONE Dhyan ate seeing me eat it
  • lemon sevai finish DONE
  • uthappam finish DONE
  • corn on the cob DONE Dhyan liked it
  • sathumaavu Did not happen
  • Extras – Goji, raisins, cashews , peanuts, coconut water, go raw cookies, cereal (EVCO, cereal, hemp milk, raisins)


  • number cups DONE – He was not very interested, but I am going to keep at it.
  • Carnatic music DONE – I just sing in front of him.
  • library – return books and find some good books, spend time in the fountain , play in the yard – grab cheetah tail DONE we also went to Costco Dhyan enjoyed cheetah tail
  • vegan dine out at night if possible did not happen – I  cooked dinner

Tomorrow’s plan –

  • Tonic – Honest powder + acv drop + hemp milk  (Just trying to finish the last few, found even better product – Shillington’s total nutrition formula). BTW he loves honest gummy with Echinacea and zinc – He strictly eats only one a day – sometimes he asks for more but I never yield. I think I will continue giving this because he loves it.
  • Any ripe fruits on the countertop
  • Big vegan cookies from central market 1/2 of one (This is healthy – but Dhyan does not like it anymore – only 2 left)
  • finish all carrots
  • Sathumaavu finish
  • corn on the cob
  • Ice cream sandwich
  • Oats Kichadi

Tomorrow’s activities –

  • Number cups
  • symbols
  • smith park play well – explore around

P.S.  Dhyan turned 2.5 today 🙂


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