Onion Uthappam


I was running out of idli batter and I came up with this recipe and it became a huge hit 🙂

Idli batter, add lots of water, add atta,  rice flour. Get your hands in – smooth it all together. It should be sorta like genji (watery but pasty) . add onion, green chilli paste (skip for toddler) , roasted salted peanuts. Mix . Rice flour is optional. If you have enough idli batter, it is not required. It helps to let the mixture sit in refrigerator a little while before making dosas.

Pour batter in the center of a hot tawa and spread as little as possible. You should not spread it like normal dosa. Roast it well.

Rice flour is optional unless you were running out of batter like me.

Enjoy with coconut chutney 🙂