Day 2 Progress …

Another beautiful day.. So lets talk progress  –

Tomorrow meals/Snacks (Plan 7 like yesterday) –

  • Snack Any fruits ripe on countertop DONE Mango Cantaloupe
  • Meal  Pancake + honey DONE
  • Snack Carrot sticks DONE
  • Meal Bread PB CB cut into shapes DONE
  • Smoothie with avocado, lots of bananas, yogurt, camu camu powder, cherries, coconut water  DONE Forgot Avocado
  • Meal lemon sevai left over DONE This is clearly a winner
  • Sathumaavu saffron milk DONE
  • Extra snacking – Peanut larabar (Dhyan loves it), go raw lemon pie cookies (Dhyan liked this too), almonds, cacao & goji (Dhyan’s fav)



  • Let him know about touch me not plant DONE did not show much interest
  • Teach Dhyan Numbers – count fingers and toes DONE counts 1 to 10 perfectly all my toes and fingers, number cups NOT DONE
  • go to the park near keller library –  its been a while DONE. I had a good time with Dhyan. Taught Dhyan to play with monkey pull up bars – hang, cross, swing, jump. Loads of fun
  • Extras – Got a workbook from Costco. Dhyan likes it. I need more patience to teach him that.


Tomorrow’s fun

  • Any fruits on countertop
  • Pancake honey finish
  • Avocado
  • lemon sevai finish
  • uthappam finish
  • corn on the cob
  • sathumaavu


  • number cups
  • Carnatic music
  • library – return books and find some good books, spend time in the fountain , play in the yard – grab cheetah tail
  • vegan dine out at night if possible

I played well with Dhyan at the park and in our front porch today 🙂





Let me know your thoughts ...

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