So how did it go?

It was a beautiful day ! THE END …

HAHA. Dhyan ate well played well… Its very true that kids grow , sometimes or most often parents fail to catch up ! My heart did know what Dhyan needed but I didn’t do it! Dhyan wants to be treated like a big kid – he wants to make decisions –  he doesn’t want to be forced – he doesn’t want to be stopped – he feels miserable when mistreated! I am really sorry Son. Please God help me continue treating my son well… BTW, I found some inspiration in my kombucha bottle. I love Kombucha!


Summary of results –

activities planned

  • 10 AM Soccer class DONE
  • Play @ Central market park – gotta buy and make vegan raw ice cream sandwich 🙂 NOPE . Dhyan and hubby were in the yard almost half a day. It was a beautiful day. I really want Dhyan to be in Nature, outdoors as much as possible. So this is a WIN!
  • I am planning to show him life cycle of frog in this YouTube video – He was very happy to read about butterfly’s lifecycle from the library book. I will let you know if he likes this too… Dhyan wasn’t excited and didn’t watch the video but I talked about it during our meal conversation. I don’t think he was too interested but I was glad to have something to talk about.

Tomorrow meals planned – Dhyan sat and ate in the dining table the entire day. Ignoring him & making mealtime fun works big time.  I didn’t force how much he needed to eat at any time.

  • Any ripe fruits on countertop&lemon sevai @ 8 He ate Fruits @ 7:30 (cantaloupe, plum, mandarin oranges). Lemon sevai was ready only around 9 and Dhyan loved it and gobbled it up 🙂 He made a mess but we didn’t lecture him or give him attention .
  • Snack – Hemp seeds , cacao, goji & raisins @ 10 @11 Dhyan was okay with this too.
  • Onion uthappam & coconut chutney @ 12 @ 1:30 This was a super duper hit! Hubby loved it. Dhyan was fine too. Dhyan just wanted the peanuts,  after sometime he started eating the entire dosa 🙂
  • Snack – Almonds,Cashews & Dates@ 2 (hoping a nap) Dhyan napped for an hour or so 🙂 And he only ate dates .
  • Sathumaavu with saffron & hemp milk @ 4 He liked this too
  • Snack Icecream sandwich @ 6 This didn’t happen. I need raw coconut flour!
  • Last meal – chapatti aloo matar @ 8 Dhyan was sleepy and ate very little. He went to bed @8
  • Unplanned snacks he had – Peanut lara bar, Blue diamond Almond habanero bbq (will not continue this, I want his food to be as natural as possible) , OJ

Other power struggles – As soon as he woke up, he wouldn’t brush his teeth – I showed him some toddler brushing videos and said that he doesn’t have to brush but I have to and took him to the restroom. But after that he started brushing 🙂 I am not sure if he is doing a good job. But I am not focusing on it right now!

At night, he said he will not sleep in bed – He wanted to sleep in sofa. I showed some children books where the main character slept in bed alone wrapped up in blanket. It motivated him to sleep in bed 🙂

Tomorrow meals/Snacks (Plan 7 like yesterday) –

  • Snack Any fruits ripe on countertop
  • Meal  Pancake + honey
  • Snack Carrot sticks
  • Meal Bread PB CB cut into shapes
  • Smoothie with avocado, lots of bananas, yogurt, camu camu powder, cherries, coconut water
  • Meal lemon sevai left over
  • Sathumaavu saffron milk


  • Let him know about touch me not plant
  • Teach Dhyan Numbers – count fingers and toes, number cups
  • go to the park near keller library –  its been a while

Let me know your thoughts ...

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