My present concerns…

There are so many things going on in my mind right now (& ever?). I am trying to watch my thoughts – Some valid & major concerns of mine that when addressed would put my mind at ease are with regards to my parenting. Specifically, I am quite unhappy about Dhyan’s diet, sleep, play & how his day goes in general!

Diet – I want him to feel motivated to try/eat more raw vegan foods – fresh fruits & veggies in abundance. I wanted him to have a friend/companion with similar healthy outlook . I wanted to have more playdates with that vegan kid & I want them to grow up happily together! A mom can dream right? But it is not happening… It is very hard to find a healthy vegan playmate not to mention a raw vegan friend! I wish I lived closer to Ellen Fisher – But still I am going to keep looking. My son needs a good friend within a stone’s throw! Meantime, I am alone and I need to motivate him to choose & eat raw food & stay away from junk!

Sleep – I know everything is interrelated. If he eats well, plays well, he will sleep well. I really believe in him falling asleep on his own, in his own bed. But nowadays we tend to sleep with him – because of this we are having a disturbed sleep. The mistake is on both sides – what am I saying – he is a 2 year old, its definitely my mistake. We need to fix this permanently – find a positive discipline solution to #1. Move him to his room #2. Make him sleep the entire night.

Play/Learn – I find myself preoccupied with several things throughout the day that I am either on the phone, or in the kitchen or around the house. I clearly know that it all can wait – My son is my everything. But I am not always present for him. At the end of the day, my guilt kills me. I gotta fix this – 1. Meet more ppl – Socialize! (MUST! He is an only child – he yearns for company these days) That’s how who knows I will find some good friends for myself & him. 2. Play with him like I will die tomorrow. yes  be present & plan activities the previous night! 3. Teach him something and try to talk about whatever piques his interest throughout the day!

I think when all this is resolved – I will have a beautiful day & he will be a happy child. And I would feel like I treated him well! That would make me a happy mother! Now there you have it – that’s what I keep thinking these days. Lets find ways to fix all these!


Let me know your thoughts ...

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