#rawveganJun2018 Day #5 update

I would be lying if I said I didn’t have any cravings. I saw a blog post featuring sort of Buddha bowl with rice and beans and another about a burger. I craved both. It has passed now. I do have a strong commitment to this challenge. More than that I have been down that path for ages.

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#rawveganJun2018 challenge – 3 Days to go

Hi all,

Just summarizing the challenge steps in this post –

  1. Previous night
    • soak dates, almonds, hemp seeds. (For making Almond-hemp milk for morning smoothie) in fridge
    • Just add few lemon/lime slices squeezing it a little and water to a mason jar and refrigerate it.
  2. Next morning (do in order, take pictures if possible)
    • Drink lemon water
    • Exercise sipping 1 liter water (Finish it before the end of the day)
    • Make almond milk blending all soaked ingredients. Make smoothie in a single serve cup with meal replacement powder,  Almond milk, celery, few frozen veggies like bell pepper, banana, greens and Spirulina.
    • Chop or prep fruits. Pack them with ice packs and take them along with you
    • Soak dates, chia and soak nuts and/or sun-dried tomatoes as needed separately in fridge
    • Just in case check if you have reqd ingredients for the rest of the day quickly
    • Head out with Lara bars & 1 liter water bottle & something to read
    • Make salad & dressing asap
    • Enjoy salad
    • Enjoy acai bowl/chocolate ice cream
    • Jot down your feelings/cravings/thoughts/buy list (spending freeze)
    • Sleep at 10 listening to your playlist
  3. Continue Step 1 Smile with tongue out for next 28 days

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