Our Austin Trip

I wrote this draft on 10/3/16! I like the suggestions that I mentioned here. I just thought of sharing. I will check & update this post when I travel to Austin again.

Last weekend, we drove to Austin. It was like an exciting rollercoaster ride! We were like hippie vagabonds just roaming the streets, doing a lot of odd thingsSmile Dhyan is an adventurous guy, so he put up with us Winking smile

We booked our stay using Airbnb.com for the first time, since we figured it was cheaper than hotels. Also because, it was so exciting. You get to stay in quirky places like tiny home, RV, farm, whatnot! We should have planned in advance. Many would not accept our request since we had a toddler on board. Finally, we found a great place that accepted us. Funny thing we were already driving to Austin then – I know – adventurous !  Smile with tongue out Continue reading


#rawveganJun2018 challenge – 3 Days to go

Hi all,

Just summarizing the challenge steps in this post –

  1. Previous night
    • soak dates, almonds, hemp seeds. (For making Almond-hemp milk for morning smoothie) in fridge
    • Just add few lemon/lime slices squeezing it a little and water to a mason jar and refrigerate it.
  2. Next morning (do in order, take pictures if possible)
    • Drink lemon water
    • Exercise sipping 1 liter water (Finish it before the end of the day)
    • Make almond milk blending all soaked ingredients. Make smoothie in a single serve cup with meal replacement powder,  Almond milk, celery, few frozen veggies like bell pepper, banana, greens and Spirulina.
    • Chop or prep fruits. Pack them with ice packs and take them along with you
    • Soak dates, chia and soak nuts and/or sun-dried tomatoes as needed separately in fridge
    • Just in case check if you have reqd ingredients for the rest of the day quickly
    • Head out with Lara bars & 1 liter water bottle & something to read
    • Make salad & dressing asap
    • Enjoy salad
    • Enjoy acai bowl/chocolate ice cream
    • Jot down your feelings/cravings/thoughts/buy list (spending freeze)
    • Sleep at 10 listening to your playlist
  3. Continue Step 1 Smile with tongue out for next 28 days

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